Pharmacy team celebrating ten years of community healthcare

The Castle Quay Pharmacy team. From left: Diana Forte, Danni O’Malley, Sarah Le Cornu (at front), superintendent pharmacist Susana Camara, Nima Rad, Carla Calheta, Harriet Neal (at back) and Samantha Walker Picture: ROB CURRIE (36831224)

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THE team at Castle Quay Pharmacy is proud to have recently celebrated its tenth year of providing vital healthcare services from the purpose-built facilities at the Waterfront. Led by superintendent pharmacist Sarah Le Cornu, the team is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and the primary focus is the wellbeing of our valued customers.

Independent prescriber pharmacists

Castle Quay Pharmacy takes pride in team investment and we are delighted to have supported two of our pharmacists in qualifying as independent prescribers. Nima Rad specialises in Type 2 diabetes and weight management, while Harriet Neal focuses on travel health. In doing this, we are the first pharmacy in UUֱ to have upskilled our staff to this exciting level, enhancing the range of in-house services we offer to the community.

Commitment to team training

Sam joined the team as a school leaver in 2019 and will soon qualify as a pharmacy technician. Danni has recently achieved success through the completion of her Medicines Counter Assistant course. We have recently welcomed Suzie, Carla and Diana to our dispensary. We are also thrilled to have the continued pharmacist support of Louise Perkins and Annie, who has recently returned to work alongside Cayman on our medicines counter. This growth and development of the team allows us to offer enhanced efficiency and even better customer service.

Travel clinic

We are excited to have launched our travel and vaccination clinic. Offering expert advice, a comprehensive range of vaccinations and various travel medicines, we cater to your essential travel needs, including antimalarials, altitude sickness prevention and much more. Harriet said: “I’m excited to be co-ordinating UUֱ’s first pharmacist-led travel clinic. Our focus is on flexibility and customer convenience; we’re here to work around your needs and make your travel health our top priority.”

In addition to our travel clinic, we offer private occupational and wellness vaccines. Occupational vaccinations are vital for individuals in industries where the risk of exposure to specific diseases is higher. Our private vaccinations protect against preventable diseases, safeguarding against specific illnesses such as shingles, chicken pox (varicella), human papillomavirus (HPV) and meningitis..

Weight management clinic

After launching his long-anticipated weight management clinic in the summer, Nima has received great feedback from his patients over the first few months.

After a short period of medication shortages for the clinic, we are pleased to announce that this service is back up and running. After supporting weight loss, the main focus of the clinic is on helping people to maintain a healthy weight.

Nima has a vast network for referrals to dieticians and exercise providers in the Island, with exclusive discounts for his patients. This ensures that all the necessary support is in place to achieve health goals.

Nima said: “My patients can always trust me not to be judgmental, as I appreciate how difficult a weight-loss journey can be. Inevitably, there will be highs and lows but this is where my support comes in. I am only ever an email or phone call away. By promoting the importance of healthy living, we can best prevent so many diseases and help us live life to the full.”

Exciting times

Sarah said: “It’s an exciting time for Castle Quay Pharmacy, especially with the launch of our new clinics. We are proud to have a strong base of regular, repeat patients who are at the very heart of what we do.

“We are delighted to have expanded our services and hope to see many new and valued customers, as we look forward to making our 11th year the best one yet.”

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