New Sri Lankan restaurant to open in St Helier

Jordy Thevenon and Hannah Vautier are set to open Little Jaffna in the Central Market in August. (38208474)

A SRI Lankan restaurant will open this summer in the Central Market.

The couple behind the venture, Jordy Thevenon and Hannah Vautier, said they felt “there was a big gap in the market” following the closure of the Island’s only Sri Lankan restaurant, Unawatuna, in July 2022.

Little Jaffna will be located next to SeeDee John’s in the market and is due to open in August.

Mr Thevenon and Ms Vautier said their new restaurant would be “an experience for all the senses” with “bright Sri Lankan colours, fresh spices, an open hot plate, [and] great playlists with drinks”.

It will also be open during the new extended operating hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Explaining the inspiration behind the restaurant, the soon-to-be married couple said: “It has always been Jordy’s dream to share his family recipes.”

They continued: “Jaffna is a town on the northern tip of the island and is the home of Jordy’s mum and family. The food is famous for its bold flavours and seafood.

“While the south of the Island is well known for its surf and tourism, the north of the island is like stepping back in time; full of unspoilt nature, Hindu temples, locals wearing traditional colourful sarees.”

“Little Jaffna” is a nickname used within the Tamil Sri Lankan diaspora to refer to Sri Lankan enclaves around the world in places such as Paris, London, Toronto and Montreal.

“We want to put Jaffna on the map in UUֱ,” they added.

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