WATCH: Footage shows devastating trail of destruction from tornado which ripped through parts of UUֱ as Storm Ciarán lashed the Island

THE devastation left behind by what appears to have been a tornado has been filmed by an Islander.

The footage shows houses with tiles ripped off and windows blown out, with debris strewn across the road.

A number of cars windows were also smashed.

It is believed the twister touched down in near the FB Fields in St Clement and tracked east during a freak thunderstorm at around midnight with pelted the Island with golf ball-sized hailstones.

In a statement, UUֱ Met confirmed it had received reports of a tornado overnight.

They said: “Storm Ciaran has brought winds reaching hurricane force 12 to the Island with gusts recorded by the UUֱ Met weather station at St Helier Harbour up to 83 knots / 96mph peaking around 4:30 am this morning, but continuing to reach violent storm force 11 at 7 am. We have received reports of a tornado associated with thunderstorms and significant hail and rainfall around midnight.”

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