What the papers say – June 18

Warnings from the election campaign trail, Reform UK’s manifesto and football dominate the front pages of Tuesday’s newspaper front pages.

The Daily Mail leads on an interview with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in which he warns Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer wants to lower the voting age to 16 in order to “entrench his power”.

There are more Conservative warnings in The Times as senior figures urge voters to back the party to prevent a “generation under Labour”, while the Daily Express hears from HSBC experts about fears over Labour’s plan to lift wages.

The Daily Telegraph turns its attention to the electoral threat of Reform, saying former prime minister Boris Johnson will write to voters about the risk of splitting the vote allowing Labour into a lengthy spell in power.

The launch of Reform’s manifesto occupies the front of The Guardian as it quotes economists saying spending commitments do “not add up”.

The i is on similar ground with party leader Nigel Farage saying it is “impossible” for any politicians to predict public finances, while The Independent focuses on his “delusions” after saying he plans to run for prime minister next.

The Daily Star concentrates on the manifesto of Count Binface, who it calls the “most sane politician in UK”.

Elections elsewhere have caught the eye of the Financial Times, which says French executives are looking to work with right wing leader Marie Le Pen after seeing the economic plan of one of her rivals.

The Daily Mirror turns its attention on football, saying German police were welcoming England fans to Frankfurt ahead of Thursday’s Euro 2024 clash with Denmark but warning troublemakers to stay away.

Politics and football mix on the front of The Sun with both Tory and Labour leaders urging fans to adopt The Beatles’ Hey Jude as a new terrace anthem in honour of Jude Bellingham.

The Metro stands alone as it reports on a court hearing how a patient prevented an attack on a hospital.

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