Gangster Curtis Warren charged with breaching crime-prevention order following release from prison for failed UUֱ drug smuggling plot


DRUGS baron Curtis Warren has been charged with breaching a crime-prevention order imposed when he was released from prison following a failed plot to smuggle £1million of cannabis into UUֱ.

The 60-year-old was jailed for 13 years by the Royal Court in 2009 for trying to execute what at the time would have been the Island’s biggest drugs importation.

In 2013 he was ordered to spend a further ten years behind bars after refusing to pay a £198 million confiscation order.

On his release last autumn he was served with a Serious Crime Prevention Order which included restrictions on:

*Travel outside England and Wales.

*Access to communication devices and the internet.

*His ability to borrow money, make transfers, hold trusts or shares, and use foreign or virtual currency.

*Holding assets or property valued at more than £1,000.

*And being involved in commercial imports and exports.

Warren was arrested by the National Crime Agency in South Tyneside in July for allegedly breaching the restrictions, and was charged this week.

In a statement, the NCA said: “National Crime Agency officers have charged a 60-year-old man from Liverpool with committing numerous breaches of his Serious Crime Prevention Order.

“Curtis Warren, who was arrested by the NCA in Boldon Colliery, South Tyneside in July, was informed of the charges as he answered bail at a police station in Merseyside on Friday 17 November.

“The 11 charges authorised by the Crown Prosecution Service include alleged breaches relating to communications devices, travel, vehicles, business arrangements and finances, all said to have been committed between November 2022 and July 2023.

“Warren has been bailed and is due to appear before Liverpool Magistrates on 15 December.”