PICTURES: New children's play area opens in UUֱ

Picture: ROB CURRIE. (37049740)

A NEW accessible children’s playground on St Martin’s village green, which includes the Island’s first supported seat swing, has been officially opened yesterday.

Year 3 students from the parish school, who were instrumental in the design process, tried out some of the features during the event.

Picture: ROB CURRIE. (37049715)

St Martin Constable Karen Shenton-Stone said: “I am absolutely delighted that this project has come to fruition and that the children and parents who helped to design the playground will now be able to enjoy it.

Picture: ROB CURRIE. (37049736)

“Part of my role as chair of PPC is to help UUֱ’s Democracy to flourish and giving the community opportunities to influence the design of the park is true democracy in action. It was great to look at the children’s playground designs and to hear their views, we all listened to each other to reach the best outcome.

Picture: ROB CURRIE. (37049750)

“Working on this initiative has nicely mirrored the plot of the children’s book published by the States Greffe earlier this year, The Many Hands Club, in which a group of young people speak to their Connétable about their local playground facilities.

“The book was written to help demonstrate to young Islanders that they can make their voices heard in UUֱ’s democracy and have an impact on the Island around them.

Picture: ROB CURRIE. (37049752)

“I hope that the St Martin’s students I spoke to about the playground feel empowered to continue sharing their thoughts and ideas with their elected representatives throughout their lives, and that it encourages others to do the same.”

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