Development company donates life-saving blankets to UUֱ Fire and Rescue

JDC donates two electric vehicle fire blankets to the Fire and Rescue Service

TWO new fire blankets designed for electric vehicles have been donated by UUֱ Development Company to UUֱ Fire and Rescue Service to help them deal with difficult-to-extinguish lithium battery blazes.

JDC chief executive Lee Henry said that having built numerous car parks with EV chargers, they were committed to addressing fire risks and aligning with the government’s sustainable transport policy.

The specially designed blankets work by depriving the fire of oxygen and limiting combustion, lowering the temperature and preventing the blaze from spreading.

Mr Henry said their donation aimed to “strengthen [the fire service’s] firefighting capabilities and support their invaluable service within our community”.

He explained: “The objective extends to minimising potential spread and damage to safeguard car park structures.

“While the deployment of fire-resistant blankets necessitates at least two trained individuals, given the prioritised response of the fire service, we are delighted to have procured two large re-usable EV vehicle fire blankets to UUֱ Fire and Rescue.

“This donation aims to strengthen their firefighting capabilities and support their invaluable service within our community.”

Fire safety and prevention station commander Mark Bailey-Walker said they responded to “a wide variety of fire incidents and this includes fires involving electric vehicles”.

He added: “We would like to thank the JDC for their proactive response in recognising the potential dangers associated with EV fires within their properties, and for the provision of these specialised pieces of firefighting equipment specifically designed to reduce the intensity and spread of fire from one vehicle to many.

“Any equipment provided that can help reduce the risk to our firefighters whilst carrying out their duties is greatly appreciated.”

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