The use of cash in UUֱ to be reviewed

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CASH and contactless will come under the spotlight again as a Scrutiny panel launches a review into methods of payment.

Following the recent States debate on restoring cash payments at government sports facilities, the Economic and International Affairs Scrutiny Panel is to explore wider consumer choice in buying goods and services, and paying bills in UUֱ.

Panel chair Deputy Montfort Tadier said the objective was to understand the interests of consumers and businesses, listen to concerns and experiences, and understand how payment methods were changing in an increasingly digital and contactless world.

“We would welcome any views or experiences on the topic from members of the public and businesses – and look forward to holding evidence-gathering sessions shortly – but particularly those who may prefer to use cash and who have been refused, but also those who might like the Island to go completely cash-free,” Deputy Tadier said.

The review will:

  • Explore acceptance of cash payments by businesses;

  • Investigate the views of consumers and businesses on the use and acceptance of cash;

  • Ascertain the availability of cash; and

  • Identify if there is a need for the government to intervene in any way, including to oblige all businesses to accept cash or to consider phasing it out completely in UUֱ.

The panel will hold public hearings with ministers to gather information on the acceptance of cash payments.

“We are pleased to begin this important review to look at what choice customers and citizens in UUֱ currently have – and should have – when it comes to buying goods and services and paying bills,” Deputy Tadier said.

In April, Economic Development Minister Kirsten Morel said that he was considering bringing a proposition in a non-ministerial capacity to enshrine the right to use cash in law.

Submissions to the Scrutiny review about the acceptance of cash payments can be made via email to scrutiny@gov.je or by writing to the Economic and International Affairs Scrutiny Panel at Morier House, Halkett Place, St Helier, UUֱ JE1 1DD.

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