Sex assault accused had 11 pairs of children’s pants under his mattress


A MAN accused of sexually assaulting a child over a ten-year-period had 11 pairs of children’s pants under his mattress, a jury has been told.

The Royal Court heard yesterday that Richard Louis Romeril could not account for how the underwear came to be there.

The prosecution evidence came on the third day of Mr Romeril’s trial – the 49-year-old is accused of 16 offences, including attempted rape, sexual touching without consent, forcing someone to engage in a sex act and indecent assault. He denies all the charges.

Detective Constable James Fowler told the court that he discovered the underwear hidden in two piles under the mattress on Mr Romeril’s bed.

He confirmed that three pairs shown to the jury as exhibits were among those he found.

Detective Constable Sian Dupre interviewed the alleged victim after her mother called the police, and told the court: “She was very, very upset. She was physically shaking.

“She confirmed that what she told her mum was true, but she had reservations about taking it any further.”

Police interviews that Mr Romeril gave following his arrest in August last year were read out in court yesterday.

When asked why the girl had made the allegations, he had said: “I’m at a loss. Where all this is coming from I don’t know. I have never touched her, ever. That’s not me.”

Mr Romeril was also asked whether he had attempted to rape her twice, as the girl alleged, and he answered: “No way, honest.”

The interviewing officer asked: “What is she going to get out of making this up?”

He said: “I have no idea.”

The officer then asked: “It’s an odd place for anyone to store children’s underwear. How did they get under your mattress?”

Mr Romeril replied: “I don’t know.”

The case is expected to last three more days. The Bailiff, Sir Timothy Le Cocq, is presiding.

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